After attending the amazing "Save Concorde" evening, www.britishairwaysconcorde.com website receives endorsement from Fred Finn!

He told us that he didn't do this lightly but he was really impressed with the site and loved the prints. Thanks Fred and don't forget to ask Richard Branson to have a look at the site next time you see him! (Thanks also to Sara Hemp from Creative Remedy for all her hard work developing the site).

Twitter: @save_concorde and @flyfinn1 Guiness World Record Holder as the World's Most-Travelled Person: over 15 million miles (24 million kilometers), now 141countries, 718 flights on Concorde!

How amazing would that be? Attending the "Save Concorde" evening last week gave me a really strong sense of what a stunning British icon we have lost. I can recall what a thrill it was to look up and see it flying over and remember our excitement when I pointed Concorde out to my daughter through the air plane window as we taxied round Heathrow. Who can forget the amazing spectacle of the fly past at the Queen's jubilee with Concorde leading the Red Arrows? What a shame it couldn't be part of the Diamond jubilee or the Olympic ceremonies.

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Take a look back at Concorde history. 10 years ago today marks
the anniversary of the final flight ever!

What the national news have to say to commemorate the 10 year anniversary: